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  • RadioButton

    8. Juli 2019 by

    The RadioButton is also a very usefull control for mobile developers, but currently its not available from scratch. So I implemented my own radio button which can be used for Android and UWP (iOS will coming soon). For the implementation i use the platform specific ViewRenderer and a Xamarin.Forms control for showing the control. This… Weiterlesen

  • PlatformImageExtension

    8. Juli 2019 by

    If you want to use an image in Xamarin.Forms you have to use a differnt path or name for each plaftorm. This may make the xaml file difficult to read, because you have to add platform specfic code in XAML like this: Instead of those lines of code, you can also use a marukup extension… Weiterlesen

  • ImageButton

    8. Juli 2019 by

    I often wanted to create a button with an image inside. But this kind of control is not available in Xamarin.Forms. So I created my own (like 1000 other developers) ImageButton. This control is very easy to use and understand and it works with Android, iOS and UWP. You also can use this control like… Weiterlesen

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